” As a therapist myself I am very picky about who I choose for mental health services. I’ve worked with, trained, and observed dozens of therapists, at both professional and personal levels, and have never found someone as insightful and knowledgeable as Keith Weinstein. His technical skills as a clinician are excellent, but what makes him 5 stars is how thoughtfully he approached my case. He is personable, practical, and I felt like he genuinely cared. Amazingly, every single session I learned something new. You will not regret meeting with him. “


” Keith is an amazing person. He is wise, kind and offers real tools to calm the rage and stress in your life. I went to Keith for about a year, also attended two of his men’s workshops. It made a huge impact on my life and came at a time that I was ready to throw in the towel. He taught me about controlling anger, about setting up boundaries with friends and family, and about standing up for myself to the woman I was married to at the time. Keith is someone I looked forward to seeing every week and someone I really miss being able to see now. I would recommend this man to anyone who is stressed out or having a really hard time with life’s challenges. He is in a word, great! ” 


“We arrived our first time at Keith’s office . . . broken.  We didn’t even agree as to why we were even there.  I wanted intimacy or else (in other words, a divorce) and my husband wanted the anger and fighting to cease and rebuild our broken marriage. 

We had been married for 25 years, we had 2 incredible children, no financial woes . . . to the outside world, we had the white picket fence existence.  In essence, we were great parents but had lost track of our marriage.

I was an emotional temptress who had trust issues while my husband kept his emotions tightly concealed.  I wish I could say that putting our relationship back on track was effortless . . . But there were countless times when I thought that divorce would have been the easier, less painful path.

Keith became our sounding board, our pillar, our safety net.  We learned to trust him, ourselves, and each other.  We cried, we laughed, we shared despair and we embraced our hope.  We surrendered ourselves to our emotions and our relationship.  The results – I am no longer an angry person and I delight in the intimacy of a shared smile across a crowded room with my husband.  My husband has blossomed into a partner who willingly shares his feelings, his hopes and his thoughts.

 Are things perfect  . . . No . . . sometimes our old patterns resurface.  We used to be able to go months which could drift into years without meaningful communication . . . now we realize we can fix our problems, We want to.

 We owe Keith our gratitude – our respect . . . he was our able guide through an emotionally raw journey that ultimately led us back on the path to each other.  We consider ourselves blessed to have found Keith.  We are no longer seeing Keith but he will always be a part of our renewed bond.  We couldn’t have done it without him.  When we hear that a couple is having marital problems our children (who are now young adults) think we should refer them to Keith.  Would we  . . . in a heartbeat! “


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