Needs Into Virtues

I operate within a framework that is based on universal, inter-personal needs.  In broad outline these are:

  • Giving and receiving trust, joyfulness and love
  • Speaking and listening with authenticity to the truth of the heart
  • Setting and respecting boundaries, sometimes firm sometimes flexible
  • Living within one’s own limits: physically, emotionally and financially
  • Earning dignity by providing for oneself, being of service to others and living with integrity
  • Developing intention, pragmatism, authority, and leadership
  • Experiencing and creating mirth, zest, beauty and awe
  •  Only after having developed a strong ego becoming capable of surrender and leadership in commitments of love and work greater than yourself

As we heal defensive patterns and come into our full maturity, needs are experienced as strengths and virtues that we share in acts of co-creation with the world.  Rather than collapsing in apathy, walling off with cynicism, or living in the fantasy of escape, we find the rhythm of our walk with courage, optimism and grace.  Balancing clear intention with an open-ness to the opportunities before us, we join with others where we can in work, family and friendships to make of the world what it can be.  Through embracing our fate we carve out our destiny.

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